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We offer a wide variety of services designed to address the whole person, including Functional Medicine diagnostics, naturopathic protocols, integrative health coaching, life coaching, individual and couples counseling, EFT sessions, and DNA consultations. You can download a full description of our programs in our brochure HERE or continue reading below.

Current Service Offerings

Premium Membership Program

Are you tired of feeling like you're dragged out all the time? Or of having foggy brain, not thinking clearly or remembering things the way you know you should? Are you plagued with undiagnosed symptoms that your doctors don't know what to do with? Feeling worn out from dealing with chronic pain or migraines? Do you have a mental disorder or other condition, or hate the medications you have to take and would like to get off?

Maybe you're a health-conscious person interested in longevity, or an athlete who wants to eek out every drop of performance you can.

Our Premier Program for Optimal Health fills the gap for people with complex issues that need a lot of investigation and follow-up, as well as those extra-motivated people who want to assure they are -- and stay -- in primo condition.

This program offers unlimited consultations and email support so you can get the kind of attention to your health issues you deserve. Plus, we've thrown in a coaching session every month to check in and help you stay on track. If you have an unresolved chronic condition, we will listen and BELIEVE you when you say you are not well, and we will do everything possible to get to the root of it.

If you believe you are healthy and symptom-free, we will do everything we can to assure that you have no hidden infections or other issues silently chipping away at your health until they become full-blown problems. You can get all the health checks you want to be sure nothing is quietly out-of-order and to discover your individual nutritional needs to maintain optimal health.

This kind of care can run THOUSANDS of dollars in a month but our program is priced for the average person to GET ALL THE ACCESS THEY NEED to natural, Functional Medicine. Western medicine has become fraught with dangerous procedures and drugs that often do as much (or more) harm as good but Functional Medicine honors the age-old philosophy of the healers of old to "Above all, do no harm." OUR MISSION is to facilitate deep, holistic healing in the lives of those we touch. We want to see you happy, healthy and free to live your dreams.

Sign up HERE for the comprehensive holistic care you deserve!

Functional Medicine a la Carte

Do you think that physical you get every year assures you a clean bill of health? Think again.

Would it surprise you to know that none of the tests run for your annual physical exam look for the root cause of disease? They can only look for symptoms once illness has taken hold. Wouldn't it be nice to know what is out of balance BEFORE it can grow into real trouble? (After all, you've got better things to do than be sick, right?) In Functional Medicine that is exactly what we do! We seek to find and correct imbalances before they grow into cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or a myriad of illnesses besetting modern humans. Yes, it IS possible to have optimal health, and facilitating that is our mission!

To apply for a spot as a new patient on the a la carte plan, go HERE.  

Health-for-ALL Low-Income Program

Because I personally know what it’s like to live with a chronic illness for which standard medicine has no answer, I want to help as many people as I can, who could otherwise not afford, it to have access to functional medicine. 

It is NOT free but the costs have been reduced 75-80%, depending on appointment type. In order to assure clients are committed and will follow through, we do feel that SOME investment should be contributed to your own health. True healing and optimal health do not occur in a passive manner. Overcoming a chronic condition, whether physical or mental, takes work and requires your involvement. If you are ready to feel better, live longer, and break the chains hindering your life, then I invite you download the information packet and application HERE

Unlimited Coaching Program -- 50% off NOW!*

Get your goals off the ground and soaring with unlimited health or life coaching. Obliterate procrastination, lose weight, conquer burnout and unleash your potential with expert guidance and support for your transformation.

Whether you want to change your diet, lose weight, become a better communicator, have more confidence or energy for the kids -- whatever your need -- studies show you have a much better chance of success with someone holding you accountable, BELIEVEING IN YOU, and cheering you on. Kick what’s holding you back to the curb and embrace alife of vitality, joy, and fulfillment.

This program is priced to be affordable for everyone. And, with our current sale, you get ONE FULL YEAR of UNLIMITED coaching for less than a cup of coffee a day. That's about $78 a month! Where else can you find experienced guidance and support for that? Pay a one-time fee, then make all the appointments you want. That's all!

Meet your coach and find out how to get this valuable support for your transformation HERE

Individual and Couples Counseling*

Break old patterns, change deeply-held unproductive beliefs, and get unstuck and moving FORWARD with integrative, eclectic counseling.

Plus, get a 20% discount compared to individually scheduled sessions with our 6-month counseling package. This package includes six months of counseling – 27 weekly sessions – at a reduced price and is renewable for established clients. Sessions may be used for individual or couples counseling.

Anyone interested in holistic counseling is strongly advised to make use the free 15-minute consult before signing up to discover if we are a good fit. Then, if not happy after your first counseling session, we will cheerfully provide a full refund. After the second session, the package is non-refundable.

To sign up for the discounted counseling package, go HERE

* Do I Need Coaching or Counseling?

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear is "what is the difference between coaching and counseling and which should I get?" Because, unlike many coaches, I am qualified to do both, let me first answer this question to set you on the best path for your needs.

Coaching is appropriate for individuals who want to work on specific goals but may have one or more behavioral barriers in the way of achieving those goals. Examples would include people struggling with procrastination, poor time-management skills, low stress thresholds, individuals who need help learning how to balance their family needs with their own, people who want to lose weight or get more fit but need some guidance and emotional support to change their habits, individuals who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle but don't know where to start or lack follow-through. While coaching obviously deals to some degree with feelings and beliefs, it is more about creating the most useful strategies and developing positive habits that lead to progress, while addressing those things in the way of action. 

Counseling, on the other hand, deals with more deep-seated issues standing between a person and their goals to be healthy and happy. Low self-esteem, for example, stemming from childhood abuse, or failure to achieve professional recognition due to deep-seated fear of authority figures. Counseling is also the appropriate choice if wishing to address relationship-centered problems, family dynamics, phobias, anxiety and the like. (Please note: Some mental disorders also stem from physical issues, such as gut dysbiosis or nutrient deficiencies, or energy imbalances from trauma, and may respond to Functional Medicine, energy work, or a combination of both. If you suffer from any mental disorder, a Functional Medicine consultation (see above) is recommended as dealing with biological root causes can often have more impact than counseling, though counseling is valuable for developing stress-management skills for dealing with the challenges related to living with a chronic illness of any kind.

DNA Testing and DNA-Based Coaching

Knowing what genetic pressures are exerted in your body can provide invaluable information in creating an individualized plan for health and longevity. For most, targeted diet and lifestyle interventions can over-ride genetic pressure. For some individuals, however, genetic impacts can be so strong that they interfere with prevention, reversal and recovery from chronic disease. These people's bodies need additional support to improve and maintain health and it's highly useful to know if you are one of them!

You can get a test and enjoy the results on your own OR add a DNA consultation or DNA-based coaching package with it!

For more info on the test and how to buy, click HERE

EFT & Energy Practices

If you would like help facilitating your own DIY healing sessions using simple but highly-effective energy techniques like EFT, chakra balancing, and energy clearing, you've come to the right place! Chen Zheng is an energy healer with deep skills and, for a time, did only energy healing for a living!

Currently, we are only working with simple techniques that enable clients to help themselves whenever they feel the need. Hence, no "DNA activations" or other deep energy work we did in the past. 

The energy healing package is four sessions, which is often enough time for people to experience breakthroughs in stuck areas of their lives. More sessions can be purchased separately or a new package can be purchased if you would like to continue learning and growing along these lines. 

You can purchase a package for EFT/Energy Work right HERE


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