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Chen Zheng Ar-Rashid, M.A., CHWC, CMCC, FMP
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Having been a sickly child, Ms. Ar-Rashid became interested in nutrition in early adulthood and made significant improvements in her health status through lifestyle medicine. Her success in changing her health prompted her toward a double major in biochemistry and psychology. Her work, however, was in the field of mental health, in which she did clinical social work and counseling for a couple decades until she became disabled and unable to work within the parameters of her field. Her years-long journey to understand, and heal from, her (then) little-known and disabling chronic illness was the impetus which drove her to reignite her studies in biochemistry and nutrition. In the process of working to cure her own condition, she eventually studied Functional Medicine through FMU and became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Center. She is now the owner and lead practitioner of Optimal Health Body Rebalancing. Prior to graduating from Functional Medicine University, she studied Integrative Oncology and Environmental Medicine at the University of AZ College of Medicine in Tucson, AZ, and currently enjoys ongoing studies in Functional Medicine and Functional Psychiatry from leaders in the field. Chen Zheng carries into her work the belief that almost ANY illness can be prevented or resolved with individualized attention to what the body needs to function optimally. After experiencing first-hand, the power of Lifestyle and Functional Medicine, she is 110% committed to seeing her clients be their best in every way: body, mind and spirit!

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